fredag 21 oktober 2016

Nr 32. Rabbit damselnymph

Hook: A Jensen Scud size 10
Thread: Veevus iris thread green/olive
Tail. Smal strip of olive zonker strip
Legs and antenna: Sili Legs perfectly barred chartreuse 

Wing buds: Body glas or body stretch 6 mm oliv. Cut to V shape

Body: same as thread and covered with uv resin
Eyes: Bead chain eyes about 3,2 mm wide

onsdag 7 september 2016

No 30. Grey Zonker Baitfish

Grey Zonker Baitfish

A good pattern to imitate small bait fish.
Keep in mind that these flies fishes best if you tie them to the leader with a loop knot

Hook: Kamasan B200 size 8-6
Thread: Black
Weight: 10-12 laps lead wire under the body
Butt: Fluo orange or red flossilk wound down a bit to the bend and then varnished.
Body: Copper and silver icedub or flashaboudubbing. 50/50 mixed.
Wing: Gray speckled, chinchilla, zonkerstrip. I attach it in front of the butt and then i wrap the body and then fold the zonker strip over the body and attach it. Secure the wing with a drop of super glue.
Front body: A bundle of  zonker hair. Scattered and twisted in a binder thread loop. The loop is then wound forward to the hook eye.
Eyes: Fluo yellow  or orange epoxyeyes. Glued with a small drop super glue and covered with UV resin. 

No 31. The Parrot

The Parrot

 This is a pattern that I developed many years ago.
Unfortunately, it has fallen a bit into oblivion over the years and drowned among all new designs that come with all new modern materials.
When I developed the pattern, I looked for a sustainable patterns that managed some fish tough fishing during the cold time of year in my fishing for rainbow trout and sea trout.
It served me very well for many years.

Hook: Daiichi 1270 or TMC 200R size 8-6 or similar curved hook.
Thread: Black
Cones: 10-12 turns lead wire in front of the body
Tail: A small bundle of orange fox hair
Body: Pearl Icedub
Under Wing: A small bundle greenlander fox hair on top of an equally small bundle of yellow fox hair. Under and between the bundles tie in three to four straw pearl flashabou.
Hackle: Teal
Over Wing: a small bundle of black fox hair.
Eyes: Painted white eyes with black pupils

lördag 13 augusti 2016

No 29. Oliv Rubber Damsel

I have over the years become a big fan of rubber legs of my flies. Rubber legs adds motion and dynamics. In flies that mostly are made of marabou, I think Rubber legs stand out a little extra

Here is a pattern on a damselnymph that i like 
Hook: Kamasan B175 size10 
Gold Head: brass or tungsten. 3,2mm 
Thread: Olive 
Tail: Olive marabou and four dark green or black rubber legs 
Body: Olive dubbing and two or four rubber legs 
Hackle: Olive rooster hackle. 
If you want to, you can tie knee joints on the rubber legs

torsdag 11 augusti 2016

Nr 28. Squirmy Puppies

Something new, something odd.
Squirmy Puppies

Hook: Short shank hook size 6 
Head: Soft split lead shot size BB or No1, clamped onto the hook and glued with superglue, painted and varnished. 
Thread: Same as body 
Tail: Two short tapered Squirmy legs 
Body: Flybox Gel Core Fritz in desired color

torsdag 12 maj 2016

No 27. Deer hair Montana nymph

Deer hair Montana nymph 

If you like to fish with flies that have high buoyancy and you like to fish with montana nymphs, this is the fly for you. 

Hook: Streamer 4x long size 8-6
Thread: Strong thread that can handle deer hair. Preferably yellow
Tail: Black marabou
Abdomen: Black deer hair
Fins / Hackle: Black Chickabou
Wingcase: 1 mm thick black foam. Approximately 6 mm wide
Thorax: Yellow deer hair

No 26. HMG Ant

HMG (Hot melt glue) Ant.

An experiment with materials. 
Body and legs of hot melt adhesives.
Small pieces cut from glue sticks heated to the hook with a lighter and then formed by twisting and turning the hook while glue hardens as it does in about 30 seconds.
The legs are a little tougher to get hang on. 
Small, tiny beads of hot melt melted on a dubbingnål or similar then attached to the body of hot melt glue, pulled out and kept in possition while it solidifies.