tisdag 3 maj 2016

No 20. Braided damsell

Braided Damsell

Tying description

Hook: Kamsan B110 size 10

Thread: Olive

Eyes: 0.50 mm nylonmono that is burned on the ends. The eyes should be 3-4 mm wide

Tail: braided mono burned at one end. 
Before the melted plastic lump become solidi again flatten it between thumb and forefinger. 
To get the right shape you have to draw a little light in the braided mono so that the lump gets a bit stretched. 
Do not forget to moisten your fingers with a little saliva so you do not burn your fingertips.
Then you cut the shape of the tail with a sharp pair of scissors and color it with olive waterproof marker.

Thorax cover and wing buds: 4mm olive-body stretch.

Thorax: 3mm or 3.2 mm brass goldhead closest to the eyes, and then a few laps Olive Medium Crystal hackle.

Head. The eyes pupils is then painted black with a markerpen and then covered with UV resin.

Good luck and enjoy 

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