onsdag 4 maj 2016

No16. UV Mysis

Mysis can be a good choice of pattern when fishing for sea trout on the coast. It is a easy prey  and available in plenty. 
Quite often this pattern works when looking active fish in shallow water but that not are interested in larger flies.

Hook: Kamasan B110 size 12 and 10.
Thread: Thin transperant monofile thread as Veevus Monofile 0,1mm for example.
Tail, back and antenna:  White Super Hair. 6-8 strands
Thorax: A very smal amount of burnt orange and sand saltwater dubbing. Ehen you hav dubbed the thorax you shold lay the Super Hair over the thorax as a back.
Eyes: Black chain eyes. 
Covering: Cover the tail, hook and back with UV resin. When you are curing the resin bend the tail as in the picture and remember to leave about 2-3 mm ot the superhair with out UV resin. 

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