onsdag 4 maj 2016

No 23. Stickleback Zonker

Stickleback Zonker 

When fish is feeding on smal baitfish as stickleback this can be a good fly. 
In some of my water that i frequently fish in, grey is a alround color and therfore works realy good all year round. 
When we fish for grayling in the stream in northern Sweden a little gray Zonker sometimes can  be really effective.

Hook: Maruto W12 size 8 or 6
Thread: Gray
Butt. Glo Brite floss. Hot orange.
Body: Dubbing, HareÉ Ice dub, gray.
Throat: A small bunch of red rabbit hair
Wing: Gray zonker strip, 1,5 mm wide
Head/front body: Gray zonker looked in a b dubbing loop. Twisted and winded towards the hookeye. Then combed and trimmed.
Eyes: 3 mm 3d epoxy eyes. Glued and coverd with UV resin.

If you want a heavier fly you can add some turns of leadwire under the body.

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