onsdag 4 maj 2016

No 22. Foam caddis nymph

Foam Caddis nymph

This is a nice looking pattern för imitating free swiming caddis nymph on their way upp to the surface for hatching. 
If you want it stay just under the surface you can add 6-7 turns off lead wire.

Of course you can vary the color to match 


Thread: Brown.

Hook: Curved nymph hook sice 10 or 12.

Eyes: 0,5mm mono melted in the ends. About 3mm wide. 

Body: A smal strip of 1mm tan foam. The strip should be about 5 cm long and cut so that one end is about 1-1,45 mm wide ande the other end about 2-3 mm wide. One of the strips edges should then be painted with a brown markerpen. 

Wing buds. 1 mm thick tan foam that has been gently heated and flatend between thumb and forefinger. Then cut in to shape and colored with the brown markerpen. 

Hackle: Grey or brown partridge.

Antenna: Two fiber from pheasat tail feather.

Head and frontbody: Hares ear dubbing.

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