tisdag 9 februari 2016

No 13. Minizonker

Gray mini Zonker is a very simple pattern, both tying but also in the choice of materials.
I have a special love for simple flies in my practical fishing. I foten fish hard and it takes quite a few flies on my fishing trips. Mini Zonker has al that the ingredients that I look for. Simple and fast to tie. Of course you can also tye this type of fly in a larger sizes. I have managed quite well with the coastal fishing for sea trout on the coast of Skåne in Sweden with this fly. 

Materials list

Hook: Maruto SS-1930 Size 10-8
Thread: White. I like UTC 70 thread.
Body. 5-6 straw pearl flashabou that is wrap over the hook shank a couple of times back and forth. Remember not to go forward with the body until the hook eye.
If you want a really strong body. You can cover it with a layer of UV varnish / glue.
Wing: A short gray Zonker Strip. It will only be enough to just reach behind the hook bend. It should only be attached in one point and that is just behind the hook eye.
Eyes: Black chain eyes
Main / Front Body: Hair from the gray zonker strip put in a dubbing loop, twisted and then wound around the eyes. Once it is done, and the thread is attached and cut of I brush out the hair and cut them down to a small pretty head.
Remember not to use too much hair. It easily becomes bulky and hard to trim a nice head. 

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