onsdag 17 februari 2016

No 14. Sili Rabbit

CC Sili Rabbit, Black / Red

Hook: Mustad streamer Signature Saltwater S74SZ Size 4 or 6
Thread: Black
Eye / Weight: Silver dumbbell eyes or nickel / silver chain eyes
Tail: Three black-red silicone legs.
Body / Wing: Black cross cut Zonker.
Front: Four pearl crystal flash and two black-red silicone legs

1. Start by attaching the winding thread in the middle of the hook shank and wrap it back to the hook bend. Attach three sili legs that you first folded so that the red ends are facing each other. Attach them a few mm into the black part at the sili leg so that all the red ends are pointing backwards. Secure with a few turns of the winding thread.

2. Open up the loop that lies ahead of the hook shank with scissors. Fold them back over the red ends. Tie it in with a couple of turns whit the tying thread. Secure with a small drop of super glue.

3. Take strips of black cross cut Zonker and cut to the end of the strip to a sharp point and attach it just in front of the attachment of the tail. The hair should now be pointing backward.

4. Wrap the zonkerstrip forward toward the hook eye without letting the turns overlapping each other. Attach the strip with a few turns of thread a few millimeters before the hook eye.

5. Cut of the strip. Secure with a tiny drop of superglue. Attach four Pearl Crystal Flash lying on top of the fly. Cut them off at the end of the tail.

6. Then take two black-red sili legs and attach them a few mm into the black part at the sili leg so that the red ends are pointing backwards on one of the sides of the hook.

7. Fold the other red part and tie them in the same way on the other side of the hook.

8. Cut the sili legs loop pointing forward.

9. Fold the black ends of the red and secure them. There should now be four sili legs on each side of the hook, pointing backwards

10. Attach the eyes whit figure of eights just in front of the sili legs. Attach the thread. Cut and finish by securing the eyes with a small drop of super glue.

11. Glue the flat stick eyes on the dumbbell eyes. I usually add a small drop of super glue under the eyes to be absolutely sure they are secure.

This typ of flies can be combined in countless different color variants. Only your imagination sets the limits. I myself have had the most success with black, orange, red, olive and white varieties. I tye them in different weights by varies the choice of eyes.

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