onsdag 17 februari 2016

No 15. Sandräkan/Sandshrimp

Sand shrimp is one of my old solid and reliable designs for coastal fishing for sea trout.
Already in the late 1970s sitting the fly hanger fly above the coastal lure. 
Later when flyfishing for seatrout took over, this pattern was often the obvious choice.

Material list
Hook: Partridge CS54 size 4-8
Thread: Red
Weight: lead wire
Tail: Two grizzly or Cree colored hackle tip
Body Rib: Copper wire
Body: SLF Saltwater Dubbing in sand color or other similar dubbing
Body hackle Grizzly or Cree colored cock hackle. Must be of good quality with quite rigid hackelfibrer and it'll be pretty long.
Front hackle: The same as the bodyhackle. 
Head: Red tying thread.

1. Start with winding 10-12 laps lead wire around the hook shank.

2.Attach the thread and secure the lead wire by wrapping the thread a few times back and forth over the lead wire. Stop with the thread at about the hookbarb.

3. Take two grizzly or Cree hackle.
To use for the tail you can use a cheaper variant then genetic cock hackle. 

4. Attach the hackle on the hookshank just above the hook barb. The tail should have a lenght of about half or 2/3 of the hookshank. 

5. Attach 10-15 cm copperwirw and then dub a nice carrot shaped body. Rememder to leave a litle space in  front of the hook eye so that ther will be enough space for the fronthackle and head. 

6. Attach the boody hackle.

7. Vind the hackle 7-8 even turns over the dubbed body towards the tail. Secure the hackle by winding the copperwire towards the hookeye and through the hackle. 

8. Secure the wire and remove the rest. 

9. Take another hackle 

10. Attach the fronthackle in the tip and doubble fold the hacklefibers. 

11. Wind a nice frontcollar. Attack the hackle and remove the rest. 

12: Finish the fly with a neat head and warnish it and the fly is ready for action. 

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