torsdag 25 februari 2016

No 18. Copper Gammarus

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Hook: Kamasan B110 size 10-6 or any similar shrimp/caddis hook with heavy hook thickness
Thread: Brown
Tail/Antenna: Mallard dyed in Summer duck color
Rib: Copperwire
Body: Holo copper icedub
Back: Brown or olive 4 or 6 mm wide body strech

1. Attach the thread 

2. Tie in a bunch, about 10 mallard fiber as a tail and the same as antenna 

3. Attach the rib 

4. and then the body-strech on top of the hook shank

5. Then dub a quite thick body and then fold the body strech as a back over the fly. 

6. Rib the body with 6-7 turns of the copperwire. Attach the rib and cut it of. Finish with a neat head. 

7. Brush the dubbing to create the legs. 

8. The fly should now look like this. Dubbing fiber well picked out.

9. Cut the dubbing fiber just above the hook point. 

10 A bunch of copper gammarus ready for fishing. 

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