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No 17. Wiggling Gummi Creaps

 Wiggling Gummi Creaps

Material list

Hook: 1st Mustad S71SZ Size 6
Thread: Black
Tail: 2 black-red sili legs.
Body: Black Spectra Dubbing
Legs: The same sili legs as used for the tail but the black part.

Front body

Link to the abdomen0.35 to 0.40 mm fluorocarbon
Hook: 1st S71SZ Size 6
Thread: Black
Eyes: Silver Medium (about 3mm) dumbbell eyes with yellow / black flat stick eyes glued on the dumbell.
Tail: 2 black-red silicone legs.
Body: Black Spectra dubbingDub also between the eyes.
Legs: The same sili legs as used for the tail but the black part.

1.Start by attaching the tying thread on the hook to be abdomens hookWrap the thread to the hook bend.

2. Attach the sili legs folded double to make the four red ends pointing backward like a tailWrap the leftover black parts forward to the hook eye.

3. Dub a tapered body with black Spectra dubbing forward to just behind the hook eye.

4. Cut the loop with the black part of silicone legsFold them backwards beside of both sides of the hook so that there is two pieces on each sideAttach and cut the thread. Varnish the ending.

5. Continue to cut off the hook just at the bend.

6. Attach the hook for the front body and secure 5-6 cm fluorocarbon on the top of the hook. Secure the attachment with a drop of superglue.

7. Thread the abdomens on to the fluorocarbonFold the fluorocarbon forwards so that the rear body dangles in a small loopAttach fluorocarbon and secure with a drop of superglueCut of the remaining fluorocarbon.

8. Tie a similar body like the one on the abdomen with the tail and legs but end the body about 2-3 mm in front of the hook eye

9. Attach the dumbbell eyes. Secure with a drop of super glue.

10. Dub with figures of eights around the eyes. Attach and cut the thread. Varnish the ending.

11. Glue the flat stick eyes on the dumbbell eyes. I usually add a small drop of super glue under the eyes to be absolutely sure they are secure.

This fly has an incredibly seductive jigging movement in the water and can of course be tied in different color combinations. Variations of olive, white, orange and red tend to be toxic. The fly has been an incredible killer for fishing rainbowtrout in lakes and streams and for seatrout on the coast and in river and streams.

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