tisdag 12 januari 2016

No 4. UV Epoxy Gammarus

UV Epoxy Gammarus

Material list
Hook:  Maruto SS-1930 size 8 or 6  
Weight: 6-8 turns of lead wire
Thread: Clear nylon thread
Antenna/tail: 4 strands of crystal flash. This colour is something like pale orange, almost tan.
Rib: Copper wire
Body: Saltwater dubbing. Transparant Tan
Hackle: Grizzle Cook hackle
Back: About 20 strands och the same crystal flash you used to the antenna.
Shell: UV resin

1. Wrap the hook with 6-8 laps lead wire.

2. Attach the thread and secure the leadwire. After that fasten the copperwire.

3. Take 4 crystal flash and tie them in as antennas.
Cut them so length will be about 10 mm.

4. Take about 20 strands of the same crystal flash and tie them in on top of the antenna.  

5. Attach the grizzle hackle in the tip on top of the crystal flash.

6. Dub the thread.

7. Wind a boddy. It should be a Little thicker in the middle

8. Wind the hackle 6-7 turns around the boddy. 

9. Fold the crystal flash over the body and hackle and attach it just behind the hook eye.

10. Cut of the rest of the crystal flash

11. Rib the body with 6-7 turns of the copper wire.

12. Fasten the copper wire. Cut it of and form a neat head with the thread and cut of the thread.

13. Cover the back with a layer of UV resin.

14. Cure the resin with UV lamp.

15. The gammurus flie are now ready for action.

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