tisdag 12 januari 2016

No 5. Grey seatrout zonker

The Grey seatrout zonker is a good and productive patterns for fishing for seatrout on the coast of Skåne in Sweden. It is a good imitation of various bait fish such as sticklebacks, small herring and IF you use alternative colors such as various shades of brown, it will be a good imitation of eelpout and gobies

Material list
Hook: Partridge CS54 size 6 and 4.
Thread: Transperant monofilament thread.
Weight: 8-10 turns of leadwire around the hookshank.
Tail/wing: Gray zonkerstrip. 3 mm wide.
Body: Pearl ice dub. 
Throat: Small bunch of red ice dub.
Eyes: 3D epoxy eyes, 4-5 mm.
Head: The eyes coverd with UV resin. 

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