onsdag 20 januari 2016

No 6 Green Mean Machine

Now you may think I'm crazy. 
What is it for kind of fly?
 It is one of my "normal" flies for fishing for rainbow trout. 
I have for many years been fishing, quite frequently, with hefty mouthfuls flies. 
Rainbows often fall for these monsters flies and often when the usual patterns do not deliver. 
Just this pattern has a very high buoyancy and I fish them much like a bobbie fly. i.e. with a fast sinking line and relative way short streamer, a maximum of 1.5 m long.

Hook: Gamakatsu F314 size 2 or 4
Thread: Strong thread that realy manage to tie down deer hair. I prefer white thread.
Tail: Black striped olive marabou
Boddy: Chatreuse green deer hair, 3-4 bundles
Ben: Six pieces Chatreuse green sililegs with black stripes on each side of the fly.
Eye: Olive foamcylinder 5-6 mm in diameter and about 12-15 mm long. Hen you have fixed the foam cylinder fix it with a dropp of superglue. 
Remember that after yoa have tide the tail you have to tie in the eyes and then the legs before you finish the fly with the boddy.

Green mean machine

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